This brand adds positivity. By using products formulated to nourish hair. We promote healthy hair growth. Which boost self-esteem.

Stay Fresh Brand products are formulated with all natural oils. Oils that gives the skin and hair nourishment. Nourishment that promote healthy hair growth. Along with lubricating your hair and the skin beneath.
The essential oils blend well, overshadowing on every strand of hair. Stay Fresh beard/facial hair lubricant  will give your hair a luster that’s  GUARANTEED  to turn heads. 

       Stay Fresh by Butta Blends  promotes positivity, rarity, purity and strength. Recommend usage 3 to 4 times per week.

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  • Beard Lubricants

    All beard products have their own popular custom fragrance blends. It’s a happy combination,guaranteed to change the atmosphere. These product promote healthy growing hair.